Polyurea is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination. As with any coating system, proper surface preparation, correct application equipment and the use of compatible primers is required.

Benefits of Polyurea

  • Fast reaction time
  • UV resistant
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Prolonged structure life
  • Seamless
  • Cost effective


Areas of Application

Corrosion Protection

Polyurea Coatings can be sprayed over rusted metal structures prolonging the life of the structure and protection against future rust.


Pipeline Coating

Polyurea is used to protect steel pipes from corrosion and with demonstrated ability to last longer than paint, thus saving time and costs.

Polyurea is a great protective coating system for pipes that are insulated with polyurethane foam. It is also being used to line the inside of water and sewer pipes.


Joint Filler

Polyurea is being successfully used as a multi-purpose joint fill, caulking and sealant material. It provides a durable, weather and traffic resistant seal for all types of building joints such as perimeter joints, panels and doors, water reservoirs etc. This coupled with fast cure times make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications with minimal disruption to the business.


Tank Coating

Polyurea coatings protect steel tanks from corrosion, chemicals, and other weather elements. Polyurea is great for extending the life of older tanks and can offer limited structural properties.

Polyurea coating can be applied during primary construction and with the fast cure times are ideal suited for retrofit.


Tank Linings

Polyurea linings are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids, with their fast application advantages and ability to adhere to properly prepared substrates.

Polyurea is ideal for new storage tanks, rehabilitation of older water tanks and Waste Water Treatment Linings.



Polyurea can be very effective in protecting steel, aluminum and fiberglass in a multitude of marine applications. It can be used for sound attenuation, hull protection and bilge liners. Polyurea is water and salt spray resistant.


Roof Coating

Polyurea coatings make an excellent protective covering for polyurethane foam roofs and can be formulated to meet specific performance requirements. Fast cure time and insensitivity to moisture allows for rapid installation. It can be applied to clean or rusted metal surfaces to give superior protection.


Polyurea Liners

Polyurea’s ability to form a durable liner protects the cavity from sediment and groundwater infiltration into wastewater systems.

Polyurea linings are resistant to many fuels and chemicals thus making it the ideal solution for Fuel Storage & Containment, pits and pipelines.


Manhole & Sewer Linings

Polyurea flooring systems are most popular for their rapid turnaround installation capabilities.

Polyurea is very durable and great for use in areas of high traffic and also used in clean/dirty rooms as a waterproofing and protective coating from daily pressure cleaning operations.

Polyurea can be formulated to be flexible and resilient allowing the flooring system to protect falling objects.


Landscape & Water Containment

Landscape designers and contractors have found benefits with polyurea and is often used to contain water for ponds and pool decorations to form a primary containment liner. Use of geotextile material is common when applying polyurea over dirt.


Fuel Storage & Containment

Polyurea is resistant to many fuels and chemicals. It is commonly used in fuel pits and pipeline secondary containment. Polyurea is not resistant to all chemicals and necessary compatibility tests and surface preparation is always required.

Primary & Secondary Containment:

– Tank linings

– Spill containment

– Airport fueling valve pits



– Asbestos encapsulation

– Rust encapsulation



– Fish holding tanks

– Kayaks and canoes

– Floating pontoons



– Commercial vehicle liners

– Horticulture ponds

– Swimming pools liners



– Bridge coatings

– Vehicle undercoating

– Pipelines for corrosion control


Roof Coatings:

– Roof coatings for metal decks

– Coating roof shingles


Joint Fill / Caulk:

– Grouting for concrete floors

– Concrete joint filler



– Concrete sanitation stations

– Floors of hydroponic houses

– Clean room floors



– Sealing manholes

– Lap seams on metal roofs

– Seal voids and cracks

– Seal clean rooms


Wood Coatings:

– Poles butts

– Laminate adhesive



– Theatrical props and movie sets

– Custom water fountains



– Bridge deck waterproofing

– Temporary building repair

– Highway and bridge overlays

– Skateboard ramp surfaces



– Line cable spools

– Playground equipment lining

– Rock shield for pipelines